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2015 BDC Seminars (1st Qtr.)

  • January 20th - Quickbooks, 6 - 9 P.M. 
  • February 9th - Employee Relations, 6 - 9 P.M.
  • March 12th - Branding & Positioning, 6 - 8 P.M.



BDC Faq's
Q1. What are the Advantages of being in a Small Business Incubator?

Q2. How do I know if Incubation is a Good Answer for My Small Business?

Q3. What are the Criteria and Requirements for Admission to the BDC?

Q4. How Long will we be allowed to remain in the BDC?

Q5. What are the Costs in being in the UCP Business Development Center?

Q6. Why am I Required to have Counseling and Advisory Services?

Q7. What is an Open Books Accounting and Why is it a Requirement?


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